Sunday, July 8, 2007

Make Money Doing What I do

What Do I Do?

Hi everyone. I'm Chase, and I started this blog to tell people like me with no IT or internet background how they can make money online by sitting at home in their pajamas. I live in South Africa, but you can do this from anywhere. It's the perfect first career for anyone who got themselves a humanities or arts degree and has no idea what to do next.

This blog's spot is WriteNonsense, and that is exactly what I do. A recent estimate claims that there are currently 150 billion domain names on the internet (excluding individual blogs or personal pages like Myspace and Facebook). While at least a third of these are porn sites, and at least half the traffic on the internet at any one time is on porn sites, that still leaves a lot of sites that need content, and a lot of people don't know how to write!

I'll tell you how to make money online by exploiting the pornography industry later, but the important thing to remember is that the internet is the most important advertising space available. The millions and millions of people online all of the time always contain at least a million or so potential buyers of just about every product. Getting these buyers onto your site can mean the difference from having a Mom & Pop store and being a retail giant who retires at 35.

Another important thing to realize is that people use Google. Just about everyone uses Google, or another search engine that works pretty much the same way. These search engines are fallible in two ways. The first is that they can be tricked, and the second is that they can be bought. Ever see the Google Paid Ads section? These ads respond to the keywords you type in. When Google looks for your keywords, it finds pages with large pieces of text (it can't tell if a picture file contains "boobs"). When it finds the keywords you entered in this text, it gives the page a point. Basically, the more points, the higher up the ranking it goes. Hopefully if the page is just what you are looking for, it will come out on top.

But we all know that doesn't happen. Pretty much every search returns a page or two who want to sell you something, and these are normally in the first five. That is because they have paid for Search Engine Optimization. I will explain the many parts of SEO in another post, but what you need to know is that companies pay money for it because it is a good way to get traffic to their site. This means that you can make money online writing pages of text for websites that are quick and easy to write - and you get paid in US Dollars.

There are a lot of different things to know about SEO, web copy writing and the associated fields. In this blog I will tell you about as many as I know about, and I invite others to give their input on how they make money by writing online. I will tell you how to get clients, what sites you can join for free that generate a lot of lucrative work, how to improve your writing style and article return time, and how to get yourself set up so that you can get paid as soon as possible. I will be posting regularly, so check back every other day or so until I get my feed up and running. I'm not going to ask you to send me money - All of this info is totally free and I will be posting it right here on!