Monday, September 3, 2007

Make Money Online, Without Writing!

I have recently joined the Agloco network. Allow me to explain how this internet money-making network works:

You sign up for free and they give you a little toolbar which goes at the bottom of your browser. This has a Google search bar (but you can change this to another search engine if you like) and a small advertising space.

AGLOCO put ads in this space, and so long as you use it while browsing for 5 hours a month they stay happy. You don't have to do anything on it, just tolerate it being there while you browse. So how do you make money from browsing like this?

Well, they essentially give you a share of the advertising revenue. The company is new, and they say they will pay out at a set date (you can check out all the AGLOCO payment information here) You can then choose whether you want to be paid for your browsing in cash or SHARES in AGLOCO. AGLOCO plan to list on the London Stock Exchange in the near future.

As a business model, their concept is very sound. The company is run by a large staff (over 40 people), 8 of whom have MBAs. These people wouldn't want to risk their reputation on a scam, so there's no real risk of nothing happening. When the company goes public they will pay out people who want cash, but a lot of your share of the advertising revenue will be awarded as AGLOCO shares.

I'm big into investing, and I see this as a great long-term way to secure residual income and exposure to foreign investments if you don't live in the UK. The shares might not be worth much now because the company is not publicly traded yet, but give it a year and a few million users and you will definitely be able to buy something nice once you sell those shares!