Friday, July 20, 2007

Apology and Forthcoming Attractions

Hi and welcome to my Friday commentary.

First off an apology to my email subscribers who have been receiving duplicates of my posts all day. I have been republishing some posts and trying work out some kinks with the Digg application. Note that you can now Digg my blog on the last post - please do this if it rocks you.

I have been writing like a mad thing this week, and I haven't been able to post as much as I like. However, I would like to alert you to a few things that will be going on in the near future:

1. Weekend Special

This weekend I will be posting a special discussion on the ethics of search engine optimization (SEO) as I see it. I have recently been asked to do some work for sites that I believe should not be getting more traffic. I am speaking specifically of multi-level marketing scams, commonly known as pyramid schemes or Ponzi schemes. With these in mind I will be discussing ethical issues at stake when writing SEO articles.

2. My eBook

Although this is unrelated to my normal work, I will be publishing my 100 page introductory philosophy eBook shortly on LuLu. This book is an easy to understand guide to the major issues in metaphysics. It is written to explain these issues to people who have never read philosophy before, as well as for first year philosophy students who want a firm basic understanding of the topics. It will be available for download for around $4.95, and I encourage you all to have a look at it.

3. My NEW eBook

I am starting a new project: an eBook entitled "Investing for the Non Salaried Person". It will be a general guide to starting small investments when you do not earn a regular salary. This is of course aimed at people like yourself who write for a living, and people in seasonal industries like tourism. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions or comments, please email them to me. If I use your contribution I will list you in the front of the book, as well as include the URL of your website in the chapter it deals with (if your site is relevant to the topic of course).

So that's all. Thank you all for visiting this week. Traffic has reached an average of 12 visitors a day, which is a lot more than most blogs can claim after their first two weeks!