Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Free Link Writing Competition Coming Soon!

Very soon I will be hosting a free link writing competition on WriteNonsense! This will be open to anyone, and the prize is a free permalink back to your blog.

Actually, there will be three prizes, and they will be as follows:

1st Prize - Your banner on my blog for a week, which will then become a permalink in my "What I Use" bar.
2nd Prize - A free permalink in my "What I Use" bar
3rd Prize - A reciprocal link (I will link to you when I have verified that you have included a link to me)

The winner will also have their submission posted on my blog, and the 2nd and 3rd prize winners will have links to their stories in the same post. I will actively promote the winner's article.

The competition is open to anyone, but obviously if you have a blog it will be of more interest to you. Submissions may be anything at all, and I will post more guidelines and rules when I launch the competition. All prize links will be permanent.

This is the first of many writing competitions that I hope to hold. Keep checking back for updates, because once my traffic reaches a certain daily average I will begin the competition (I want to make it worthwhile for you).