Saturday, September 8, 2007

Any Nut can Write a Lucrative eBook!

We all see eBooks all over the place. So what makes eBooks different from regular books that you can buy from Well, from a reader's point of view an eBook usually offers you some advice or practical knowledge. A lot of them promise to teach you how to "make millions exploiting this crazy loophole" - but they don't work. It takes effort to make money online - but the effort is well worth it.

One of the most sure-fire ways to make money online is: write your own eBook! From an author's point of view eBooks require a little work and research, but once they're done they make money forever. If you write an eBook and sell it for $45, let's look at the numbers.

You will probably want to set up your own site. You don't have to know ANYTHING about web design - simply hire someone. Do what I'm doing: offer them a portion of the profits (say 10-15%). A lot of beginners will do it for a case of beer and the prospect of earning a few hundred dollars a month for nothing. Then you have hosting (say $30 per month). So you basically need to sell only one copy to get your money back each month.

Angela Booth says most ebooks will sell 120 copies, even with minimum internet marketing efforts, within a year. At $45 per book, that's $5,400 turn over, less $360 for hosting, THEN less your webmaster's cut. Your're left with over $4,500 a year, at least! There are no other costs, besides perhaps your credit card processing costs. However, these can be negated if you allow your customers to pay via PayPal. or Moneybookers

But most eBooks that are any good sell a lot more than this, and it is not uncommon for eBooks to sell hundreds of copies a month. I'm expecting my Philosophy eBook to sell at least 2,000 copies.

What most people don't know is that writing eBooks is easy and formulaic, and can be done if you have a week to spare. It requires disciplined time management, but finding an idea and writing a book is ridiculously easy. However, you can't just go out on your own and do it - you need expert advice. That's why I most definitely recommend Jim Edwards & Joe Vitale's book:

"How to Write and Publish Your Own eBook in as little as 7 Days".

It'll probably take you more than a week to write an eBook, but the time is well worth it! Take a few days off work, or spend a bit of your summer vacation doing it and you could be making huge profits from your eBook, long after you've stopped working on it!