Sunday, September 16, 2007

Top Online Surveys Review

A while ago I did some posts about paid online surveys and whether or not you can make money from them. Well, I thought it was a good time to have a look at the top online surveys that I've been using and see how they perform.

As some people know, I am a meticulous record keeper. I keep excel spreadsheets of everything, especially things like how much money I make from paid online surveys. I have signed up with two of the top online surveys that I could find, simply from an academic point of view. They were "Paid Surveys Online" and "Survey Scout". After doing each for at least a month, I came up with these numbers:

Let me explain. First, the lowest paid survey for each was $5. I started up with Survey Scout after doing Paid Surveys Online for a few weeks before. This spreadsheet is just for the month of August. My remarks on each of these top online survey programs are:

1. $773 isn't a lot of cash in the states, but I probably spend 2-3 hours doing surveys a day (but usually less). Converted to South African Rands, this turns into R5,411, which was enough to pay for my rent, groceries and household expenses for a month, as well as keep me in the good kind of Jack Daniels.

2. The Survey Scout paid surveys were more boring than the Paid Surveys Online surveys, but they went faster. The Paid Surveys Online surveys were a bit longer, but tended to be more entertaining to complete.

3. The longer you stay with each, the better you get paid. I haven't been with either for very long.

4. They both have bonuses for joining. Paid Surveys Online send you a $20 survey right away, making you back more than half your $34.95 signup fee, while Survey Scout only start charging you after 8 weeks (I still haven't paid them a cent)

5. If you live outside of the US it is possible to make a lot of money doing surveys only a few hours a day. You could easily make this your full time living if you lived in South Africa, The Philippines, Malaysia, India or any other country with a "developing economy"

So what's my verdict on the top online surveys?

Well, as usual I'm a little divided. I say if you have a bit more time and you want to actually enjoy taking surveys online, go for Paid Surveys Online.

If you just want to do a few quick surveys whenever you feel like it and are a little bit skeptical of the whole online paid surveys thing, go for Survey Scout

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