Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pink Internet Marketing Review

For those of you who do not know what "Pink Internet Marketing" is, I suggest you check out Danielle's blog, pinkhatseo.info. Whether you are a website owner, an amateur blogger or an expert at internet marketing, Pink Internet Marketing has something useful for everyone.

When I first set this blog up and I was looking for advice on how to promote my blog, get a little bit of traffic and write better blog posts, pinkhatseo.info was one of the first blogs I found. It was the first blog I added to my Technorati favorites, and the first RSS feed I ever subscribed to.

Today it is about the only blog that I check religiously for any updates and snippets of information about internet money makers, how to set up your adsense to make good money, as well as her own brand new discipline called 'Blogthropology' (Danielle is an Anthropology graduate herself).

Pinkhatseo.info is the product of a blogger with a keen understanding of what her readership wants and a good eye on what's cracking in the world of internet marketing and the 'Blogosphere'. Her blog posts are informative, or at least entertaining, and she is as devoted to her blog and her audience as any professional blogger could be.

That's not to mention all the pink. Boys, don't let this discourage you: she might say that SEO is for girls, but there's plenty of gender-neutral stuff there if you look past the adorable Build-a-Bear and candy-pink RSS feed button. I know I'm not making it sound like an oil painting, but in my opinion pinkhatseo.info is one of the better looking blogs about internet marketing and blogging out there.

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