Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Increase Your Technorati Rank & Authority

On the July 24th, 2 weeks after starting this blog, my Technorati rank was 2,312,988. Since then it has risen to 876,360, and it is climbing higher every day. I have also managed to achieve 7 Technorati Authority, which I think is pretty good.

How did I manage to increase my Technorati rank and my Technorati Authority so quickly? Here are my quick tips and tricks on how to increase your Technorati rank:

1. Search Technorati, Find Friends

The first thing you need to do is search Technorati for blogs similar to your own. Find posts that are about issues your blog deals with. Post a comment on these blogs, adding something useful to the conversation. This creates a link to your blog, and is the best direct way to increase your Technorati rank.

2. Favorite Blogs You Like.

This will show up on the blogs' owners' profiles, and they will notice your blog and check it out.

3. Review Other Blogs

Check out my Review of DayJobNuker, then write your own interesting review of a related blog that you like. Drop them a line, letting them know about your review. With luck, they will post a link to it, and this will increase your Technorati rank and your Technorati Authority

4. Post Every Day, Dammit!

You hear it over and over again, but the only sure fire way to get anywhere in blogging is to post to your blog every day. If you just do this, you are guaranteed to increase your technorati rank.

5. Link to Other Blogs

Technorati is all about Link Love. If you want to increase your technorati rank, spread the love. Check out Danielle's Pink Internet Marketing Blog to see the Mistress of Link Love at work.

Please remember to Add My Blog to Your Technorati Favorites. Leave a comment saying you've done so and I'll add you to mine!