Monday, August 13, 2007

Writing SEO Articles that Make Money

SEO articles can go for anything from $2 to $25 each or more, but most of us seem to find ourselves working on the bottom end of this scale. Like any other industry, web content writing has vast earnings disparity. So what makes some article writers well paid, and others not?

Well, for starters, experience is worth a lot more in this industry than a qualification (although this helps). The best way to land a well paying writing project on GetAFreelancer or another writing site is to have relevant experience writing the type of articles the client needs. Here are 5 tips on how to be well paid for your writing:

  1. Generalize
  2. If someone offers you rectal cancer articles, do them. The next time a medical articles writing project comes up, you can bid high and claim relevant experience

  3. Fewer clients, less money
  4. Stick to 2 or 3 clients, and write articles for them for a few months. Good references will get you a long way

  5. Focus on Quality
  6. The better your web content and SEO articles are, the more you can charge people for them. The only way to increase your price is slowly

  7. Promote Yourself
  8. Tell people what you do, network, make business cards, start a blog - do whatever it takes to tell the world about your writing abilities.

  9. Don't Sell Yourself Short
  10. If you know your SEO articles are worth $10 each, don't bid lower than this. There will always be more projects going from clients who appreciate a highly skilled writer.