Friday, August 3, 2007

Writing Competition - Win Free Link

My previously mentioned Free Link Writing Competition is now on! Write me an article on just about anything you like, and submit it to me via email as a .doc attachment (no other attachment types will be opened).

Writing Competition Prizes:

First Prize: A banner link for one week on WriteNonsense, thereafter converting into a permanent link AND your article featured in the post after the close of the competition AND a neat little GIF saying you won the prize!
2nd Prize: A permanent link in my "Author's Resources" box and a 2nd prize GIF
3rd Prize: A reciprocal link and a 3rd prize GIF

Article Submission Guidelines:

There is no strict guideline as to content. Write about anything you like. Tell me a story, make a point, make me believe something. If you make me laugh, that'll go a long way. There are a few rules to keep the whole thing relevant and fair. Here they are:


  • Competition closes on Sunday 19th August, midnight GMT+2 (Paris Time)
  • Articles to be between 400-600 words.
  • No outbound links in articles
  • No self-promotion or deliberate product advertising (you can mention products though)
  • No websites will be linked to! Only blog owners need apply.
  • To qualify your blog must have at least SOME relevance to writing, freelance writing, SEO, SEO articles, blogs and blogging etc.
  • The 3rd prize winner will get a link as soon as I verify that a link to WriteNonsense is active
  • All winners will have links to their submissions on their own pages published in the post announcing the end of the competition, in addition to other prizes.
  • Articles, winning and non-winning, will not be used for any purposes other than this competition, and all rights will remain with the author.
Tell your friends about my competition - I want to see how many entries I can get!