Friday, July 13, 2007

Transparency Update

Hi guys.

Since this is a project blog, I thought I would give a quick (non keyword-optimized) update on how the first week has gone.


According to FeedBurner, my feed now has 4 subscribers! So thanks Mom, and the other 3 people who have subscribed!


In case you didn't notice, I have 9 Google ads on my page. Blogger is the worst place to make money blogging, because you can't put keyword META tags on your page, which are the most important things search engines look for. Nevertheless my advertising campaign as brought in a princely sum of $2.69 in advertising and referral revenue (the Firefox link). - Thanks Dave, Scott, Greg and my tens of loyal readers for your support!

New additions

I have done a lot of work on WriteNonsense, most of it behind the scenes. My feed is not brought to you by feedburner, and you will see lots of cool Feedburner gadgets coming soon. You can subscribe to my blog via email now, and you can search my site using Technorati. My recent post drew in over 120 visitors thanks to my association with Technorati. Soon you will be able to view my posts through half a dozen such forums.

Plans for the future

As my knowledge of blogging grows, it becomes apparent how much of a newbie I am. To address this, my web developer friend is going to help to re-design and fully optimize this blog. This might include a move, but I hope to avoid this.

Thank you to everyone who has read this page so far!

Much love