Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Organs in the Fridge & Some Link Love

A few days ago in a semi-rural part of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, a nurse was arrested in a hospital parking lot in possession of a human baby's umbilical cord.

Police raided the suspect's home and found a refrigerator full of human organs. The organs were supposedly destined for use in the preparation of traditional medicines. Read the Full Story on IOL

Now, that story will make almost no sense to anyone who doesn't live in SA. I guess around here this kind of thing only makes the 3rd or 4th page, so without any further ado, here's some link love. Clicky Clicky.

Things By Mike - I don't really know what Things by Mike is really all about, but I read it every day. He runs a rad little webcomic called 'Gummy, The Lovesick Alien', which is funny most of the time, and weird enough to entertain the rest of the time.

As Seen On The Tube - Talia's blog featuring TV products that you actually need. They might not be glamorous or exciting, but one day you'll ask how you ever lived without these things.

The Ominous Comma
- One of the most random humor blogs on the net. There's always something funny, as long as The Comma isn't ranting about something.