Sunday, August 19, 2007

SEO Copywriting - What is this stuff?

SEO Copywriting involves quite a few different things. People who offer SEO copywriting services offer more than just SEO articles that are written to feature certain keywords prominently. It can involve heading formatting, small descriptions etc. Large pages of text are simply not suitable for certain pages. So where do our SEO articles end up?

A lot of websites use SEO copywriting services to flesh out their pages, because text written with SEO guidelines in mind guarantees better search engine rankings. If a novice website owner wrote their own text without being aware of SEO writing techniques, they would end up without any rankings. Whereas many SEO techniques gain and lose effectiveness as search engines like Google change their algorithms, large pages of keyword optimized text always gets the same results.

Other times our articles wind up in an article directory. People pay good money for quality articles written with keywords in mind that link back to their site. These articles get a lot of traffic, and then so does their site. Writing these articles can sometimes be more difficult, but this kind of writing work will pay you well.

For those of us who make money writing SEO articles, it is important to find writing jobs that pay well. You can find good SEO writing work on GetAFreelancer or at RentACoder. At RentACoder you can find a LOT more writing jobs that pay well. Another good place to bid on writing jobs is WriterLance, which works similarly to GetAFreelancer.

If you want tips on how to get writing work that you will be well paid for, read my posts on how to find writing work on GetAFreelancer, and on how you can get paid for your writing online.


kamen said...

It is fair to warn about the pitfalls of rentacoder.

Please note rentacoder staff are INCREDIBLY STUPID PROFESSIONAL LIARS.
They lie even with their slogan.
The DUMMIES in rentacoder staff are proficient to blame someone else for their mistakes in attempts to hide their stupidity.
PERFECT evidences at

With different words if someone tries to make serious project he will stumble in the incredible stupidity of rac staff. People interested to make serious projects have to go far away from rentacoder.

Chase Richards said...

That is a great concern, thank you for mentioning it.

From a writer's perspective, the writing jobs to be found on rentacoder are a lot better than some of the other sites. The buyers are, for the most part, serious - and they pay well for a job well done.

So far I haven't had any bad experiences, but I'll watch out. said...

The insulter Kamen Kaburov
(aka kamen123)
has been banned from RentACoder
Main reason: "He insulted other parties numerous times".
"kamen 123" spoil perfect site in revenge

My name: Sergey I.Grachyov
Nickname: TakeReal
I am famous freelancer.
I have:
909 projects completed via RentACoder
115 projects completed via GetAFreelancer
35 projects completed via Scriptlance

Chase Richards said...

Wow, my site has become an internet copywriting battleground for a flame war. I'm gonna leave these posts up as a lesson to... someone...

kamen said...

Chase Richards:Please note TakeReal is rentacoder's dog. He is barking not stop in silly attempts to hide the lies and endless stupidity of rentacoder staff :-)

Chase Richards said...

Ok after looking at the Rentacoder arbitration board, I have concluded the following:

User Karmen123 is an insane person who pathologically insults people, and User TakeReal looks really really creepy. Don't trust any of these people.

Chase Richards said...

What I see is the following:

1. You, Karmen, were incredibly rude to your client for NO apparent reason. (I read the arbitration)

2. You have absolutely zero command of the English language, and you have no business posting your hatred of another site on my blog

3. You all should take your petty arguments elsewhere.

4. As far as I can see the rentacoder people were perfectly within their rights to close your account: you conducted yourself disgustingly.

Now don't post comments on my site anymore.

Chase Richards said...

I also don't appreciate you posting the SAME comments OVER AND OVER AGAIN. The same shit is all over your blog and the RAC arbitration. Come up with some new insults at least.

You are a disgrace to the online professional community

kamen said...

Chase Richards: you repeat the comments of rentacoder staff
and you do not understand that I have perfect evidences

probably you are hired by the liars in rentacoder staff

and these dummies pay you to repeat their stupidity?

kamen said...

Chase Richards: I'm sorry that I have to disappoint you but I'm just ordinary wise man
And like every wise man I do not like dummies to blame me for their mistakes
With different words I do not like stupid liars like rentacoder staff to say that I'm responsible for their stupidity
I posted perfect evidence confirming that I'm right. You deleted it.
This means that probably you are member of rentacoder staff. So I tell you: please stop with your silly lies

Chase Richards said...

I am not a member of rentacoder staff. I deleted your "evidence" because it was bullshit, and because you've been using the same post to spam multiple boards several times over. Anyone can read your arbitration and see the disgusting way in which you conducted yourself on rentacoder.

As far as I'm concerned, I don't have to deal with rentacoder staff, as their system works quite well.

You are a deluded lunatic, who seems to think that everyone is out to get you. Good luck with that, now stop posting on my site

kamen said...

Chase Richards: probably the documentation writers of the huge company Microsoft are all "deluded lunatics"? And only several people in rentacoder staff are perfect? Please do not make me laugh with your airy statements

Why don't you look more carefully? Rentacoder staff is not able of understanding the PERFECT documentation from Microsoft. And Rentacoder staff blame Microsoft. But actually problem is the stupidity of rentacoder staff.

This is obvious pattern: rentacoder staff do not understand more than several words and they are proficient to blame someone else( Microsoft, me, anyone). I'm just ordinary wise man. It is fair to warn about the pitfalls in rentacoder

This is the text I post it for you again to read and understand:
TASK TITLE: outline major mistakes of rentacoder staff during years
ACHIEVED GOAL: created perfect evidence
EVIDENCE OF: the dummies in rentacoder staff do not understand more than several words plain English and they are proficient to blame someone else
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: the dummies in rentacoder staff can not understand the PERFECT documentation of IIS/ASP during years. And they blame Microsoft. But the real problem is the endless stupidity of rentacoder staff
SIDE EFFECT: this task proves that I have much more skills and experience than the liars in rentacoder staff
RECOMMENDATION: if someone tries to make serious project he will stumble in the incredible stupidity of rac staff. People interested to make serious projects have to go far away from rentacoder.


Chase Richards said...

You don't seem to know what you're talking about.

Rentacoder is where people take on projects that other people put up. The "staff" is probably about 3 guys who run the website. The rest of the people are private freelancers.

Now I don't give a FUCK what your problem with someone who tried to do a project for you is, but it has nothing to do with rentacoder - it is your dissatisfaction with a single USER of rentacoder. The fact that you don't understand how this system works is hilarious.

Now, the person you dealt with MIGHT have been incompetent, I am willing to accept this. Still, it does not give you the right to insult them by saying that they should pay $2000 to go on a coding course, and other things like that.

Anyone can read the arbitration, Kamen. You don't seem to grasp the distinction between Rentacoder staff and rentacoder users. If you post that same message on my board again, I'm just going to delete it again.

You have been spamming message boards and innocent blogs all over the place with that same lame copy pasted message, that you say contains "evidences" but is just a string of hate speech. There is no real evidence here other than that someone did not understand some documentation.

You might have dealt with someone who did not know what they were talking about, but that person probably had nothing to do with rentacoder. Rentacoder does not employ coders to work on your projects. People like me do that, except I'm a writer not a coder.

Some people are good at what they do, others are not. Now get the FUCK OFF my message board. Don't post here again, and before you post anywhere else learn to speak English.

kamen said...

Chase Richards: Please do not make me laugh with your airy statements

Please note that:
Rentacoder staff promise fair arbitration. But actuality they can not deal with serious tasks. Please see how they try to use Microsoft as excuse in my previous posting

So in my case the dishonest buyer tried to get unlimited free work and I explained him that I can not replace free of charge courses that cost $2000. This is not insults. This is the TRUTH

Rentacoder arbitration was not able to help me because their mental abilities do not allow them do understand the issues. Please see in my previous text that they are proficient to blame someone else( Microsoft, me, anyone )

With different words I'm just ordinary wise man and the dummies in rentacoder staff try to blame me for their stupidity. As you see I'm not alone, they blame Microsoft too

So please do not repeat the sketchy and inconsistent statements of rentacoder staff and admit that I'm right

It is fair to warn about the pitfalls of rentacoder.


Chase Richards said...

I repeat. Do not post your hate on my site.

Whatever your beef with rentacoder, keep it between you and them. I read your arbitration and if someone spoke to me like that I would be furious.

You can't just go around using language like that if you ever want anyone to take you seriously. You've made yourself into a complete joke. I hope you're happy. I know my readers are laughing

kamen said...

Chase Richards: I'm just trying to explain you obvious facts
I do not hate rentacoder. I take pity on rentacoder staff for their stupidity and lies.
I agree that stupid readers may laugh at me.
But the wise readers will understand me and will laugh at you and rac

Chase Richards said...

And my point is this:

I do not give a rat's ass what the facts are, or what YOUR PERSONAL OPINION of rentacoder is. You write in a way that offends me and other people, and I want you to keep it to yourself.

End of story

kamen said...

Chase Richards:
Again you make me smile.
Please note that the offenders are rentacoder staff and some of the buyers.
I'm victim and I just use the right words to explain facts and to warn.
You are free to live with closed eyes and not to take part, it is your choice. I just wish to explain you the facts

Chase Richards said...

You are such a weirdo

Chase Richards said...

I deleted your comment, and I'll delete all your comments from now on.

This is because you are a spammer, and you are making the internet less useful, and less friendly, for other people

I didn't realize people still referred to themselves as "wise", but you are definitely not. Now don't bother posting here again because I'll just keep deleting your comments. You and I are the only ones reading them anyway.

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kizzx2 said...

I'm digging out a year-old comment, but please bear with me.

Kamen's arbitration case just reinforced my confidence in RentACoder. I personally have never been involved in an arbitration, but seeing stupid people gets punished and the professionalism that the senior arbitrator displayed (I wonder if anyone has read that far), really justified the 15% high commission fee for me.

Thanks for the good read, Kamen. (It took me a good couple of hours)

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DocuMaker said...

New resource on the subject: Outsourcing Through Rentacoder. Shows *how* to outsource through the site before making mistakes via trial and error.

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