Thursday, September 13, 2007

Just In: I Have the Power of Schmooze!

I am proud to announce that WriteNonsense has received its first blogging award!

Danielle at has awarded me the "Power of Schmooze" award. To quote from her page, the Power of Schmooze award is:

"an award to recognize those people that were exceptionally adept at creating relationships with other bloggers by making an effort to be part of a conversation, as opposed to a monologue"

Thank you very much Danielle, and Mike of Things By Mike who designed the award badge! It'll go up in my sidebar and be treasured forever as my first blogging award!

Speaking of which, go and register at Blogger's Choice Awards to vote for your favorite blogs.


Chase Richards said...

I know commenting on your own blog is a little arb, but I don't feel like republishing the post. I will be looking out for deserving Schmoozers to pass this wonderful award on to. Comment on my blog if you'd like me to evaluate your Schmoozing efforts!

Danielle said...

It really is one of the best blogging awards out there (and I am not just saying that because I was the co-creator). It has spread like wildfire and it is cool because it recognizes that it is not only important to post blog posts... you must also participate!

Congrats on making yourself know through the blogosphere as a "great conversationalist"!

P.S. I often am the first to comment on my own posts... it shows you are passionate and excited about your blogging.

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